Frontend performance with Vox Media

On Wednesday, May 20th, we had a casual chat about website performance with Dan Chilton (@bjork24), Jason Ormand (@okor), and Ian Carrico (@iamcarrico) of Vox Media.

You can read the full chat in Slack archives. The following is a summary of what we discussed. If you have a suggestion for a future chat, please drop by #meta in Slack.

Q1: I’m new to frontend performance. What should I look for, and how should I look for it?

Q2: What’s the single most challenging aspect to frontend performance?

Q3: What’s one frontend perf trick you wish you had learned at the very beginning?

Q4: What’s a frontend performance issue you’re currently working on?

Q5: Who are some people to follow on Twitter / RSS for good performance tips?

Q6: What tools / processes do you use to make performance a feature of every project?

Q7: How do you evangelize performance to the rest of your team / company?

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